The Art Of Agreeing To Disagree

mehker mike6

This is a special post dedicated to my brother on his 32nd birthday.  Even though we haven’t always seen eye to eye – it is a neat feeling knowing there is someone else out there that shares your blood.

Mike has been doing some really cool stuff over in his home town of Ottawa, Ontario.  Share the blog love and “check out/follow/like” his pages if you think what he is doing is cool!

Mike helped found this really amazing Urban Culture event known as “House Of Paint“, mike hop

He runs a wicked graffiti “heritage” site –,

mike keepsix

Mike has a million pictures on flickr, mike flickr

He has documented some time lapsed videos on his youtube channel mike youtubeand he has a really interesting portfolio of work mike website

Which is starting to include some bad ass pyrography.

mike pyro

Mike also has a Facebook Page

mike facebook

A twitter accountmike twitter

And a sometimes funny Tumblr blogmike tumblr

I hope you enjoyed looking through my brothers body of work.  I find graffiti fascinating.  Happy Birthday Mike, sorry we can’t be there to celebrate!  I will leave you with some good ol’ family photos.  Enjoy!

mehker mike8 mehker mike7 mehker mike2 mehker mike1 mehker mike5

Fresh Bombing

I was at the local second hand store this weekend and scored some pretty amazing objects!  The second hand stores are hit or miss for me – this weekend was a definite hit – amazing silver pieces, vintage dishware and some other cool goodies.  I was in awe of the things people get rid of because they do not have the foresight to see the transformation these everyday objects could undergo.  Thankfully I do and will bring the glory back to these outdated pieces.  Thinking about the future life of these objects I have compiled a list of my 10 favourite projects using spray paint for your delight. Enjoy!