I can see clearly now

step 7

(before we put the flashing back on)

I decided we needed more light in the kitchen and the existing door was just basic, so we waited until a full pane window door went on sale at Lowes.  My dad came down to help us install it (as we have never done this before and he is one handy guy).  It took the majority of a day to complete, but we love the result.  I love all the light that pours in and it looks a heck of a lot better than the solid door with the half moon windows.  Luckily our neighbor across the street is looking for anew steel door, so we will give her the one we just replaced.

step 1

(this is the thickness of our walls when we ripped the old frame out – pretty thick!)

step 2(this was the big gaping hole under the threshold – didn’t find any treasures in there )

step 3

(The open hole to our house – thank goodness it didn’t rain!)

step 4(rule #1 when leveling a door – have lots of shims on hand)

step 6(we needed power – our trusty assistant held the cord – it also helped open our drinks!)

step 5(teamwork – my dad and Lee replacing the threshold with a new piece)

step 8(r.i.p. old door)

step 9(not a great shot -but here’s the finished product!)

gooseneck_lighting_fixtures(1)(we would like to get a lamp like this for over the door – more expensive than I had assumed)

step 10(after finishing the door, my dad helped up knock together a cute little deck 12 x 12′ I think?)

shipping(I am planning a project similar to this for an outdoor lounge area)

Stay tuned as we have just purchased a new front door and will be installing it shortly!!