Nerding Out


I have found my new favourite hang out in T.O. I stumbled upon it while Lee was at his accountants doing tax stuff. It looked pretty interesting so I wondered in and was pleasantly surprised that it is the brother cafe to my old local espresso joint “Thor”. @Odinhus cafe+bar is such a thoughtfully designed space. The detail put into the design is impressive from the extra thick letterpress business cards, to the alto water jug.


From the honeycomb white tile backsplash to the angular carpentry, this place got my design brain firing on all cylinders! Also the fact that it doubles as bar makes me really happy!


The first thing I noticed when I came through the door was how modern the espresso machines looked. Knowing that Thor has a “Roles Royce” espresso machine, I asked the barista what type of machine these were. I was informed they are called MOD. Whatever they are, they are gorgeous. I opted for a cold brew coffee, but next time it will be an Americano I want to see the machine in action! The barista in me wanted to jump the counter and take it for a spin…


Shaaaaaaa wiiiiing! I love me a beautiful Bertoia chair 🙂


Unless you look up, you would probably miss this cool air plant installation. I love round orbs, especially floating above my head.


Here is that honeycomb tile I mentioned earlier. And THAT turntable…. *swoon*


I never realized how cool Corktown has become. I too heart Corktown. I also love the t-shirts they sell.

I am really loving the colour palette of the ottomans. Mustard-ish yellow? What do you call that colour?


A little out-of-place, but charming non-the-less  a piñata highlighting the fact they sell frozen pops. I was tempted, but opted for the cold brew instead. This is a pretty cute little cooler though!

Anyway, if you are in the King East neighbourhood, make a point to pop in and nerd out on all the design details that make this space awesome. You might see me there!

Check out Odin HERE


14 Inspirational Business Card Ideas

card holder

I received an update newsletter from Blog Podium about the goings on for next weeks conference.  One of the items in the newsletter was a little reminder and challenge about our personal business cards.  There is going to be a prize for the winner with the most effective and appropriate business card to spend an afternoon with Chatelaine Home Editor Emma Reddington.  That would be fun!  So I have begun researching to get inspired to update my business card.

Here is my current card for mehker:

3cardI made these using veneer sheets. I painted the background white and mod podged beautiful hand made paper on the front.  I used my old typewriter on the back as well a really awesome stamp my mom gave me from when she was a kid.  This card screams hand made!!

I think for this challenge I am going to focus on mehker social (my freelance online marketing business) because I don’t have a card yet and it is already on my to-do list.  Plus I am going to this event to gain knowledge for my business. My challenge is to tell people I am an expert at amplifying their brand and I do this using social tools and networking online.  This should be interesting…  I will preview some sketch ideas later this weekend.

In the meantime, here are some cool cards I found while cruising the web:

bike tool cheese grater clothes pin cross stitch cute grass gift google grey with wax hair stylist instagram photo mail photographer russina dolls triangleWhich one do you like the best?  Have you seen any other inspiring business cards I should have a look at?