The Elephant In The Room – Top 10

This week – inspired by the latest interview with Hamilton shop White Elephant – I decided to do a round up of 10 elephant themed home decor items! (side note- when Lee and I moved to Hamilton, our lovely neighbour gave us an elephant statue to put in our garden – apparently when the trunk faces up = good luck! )



Made in Oakville, ON  –  Darosa

I love this drawer knob!  (well, I love anything bronze… )


Made in Toronto, ON  –  ChalkStyle

This would be fun in a kids room. I would hang multiples in a row.


Made in Toronto, On  –  Mummiquilts

I believe these are intended for nursery organization – I could see these in a laundry or powder room as well.


Made in Toronto, ON  –  ArtThatMoves

I really like the repetitive pattern on these tea towels.


Made in Montreal, QC  –  DogEarPrints

I am a big fan of things printed on vintage book pages – this is one crazy looking elephant!


Made in Montreal, QC  –  KatkalandCreatures

These are the weirdest looking elephants I’ve ever seen – but I like them…


Made in Pickering, ON  –  HannaandNik

Totally for a baby – but who can resist a bamboo pillow?

tea cozy

Made in London, ON  –  RichardAndSon

This would be great for a spice route tea night with your friends!


Made in Toronto, ON  –  CateandLevi

How awesome is this?  Everyone needs a stuffed elephant head in their home!  (seriously)


Made in Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC  –  illustreBuche

Somewhat creepy, somewhat charming – this would be a great conversation starter…