Pretty Potting – Top 10 Succulent Planters

potting pretty 2

I was in Cafe Odin the other day in Toronto, where I spotted a beautiful terrarium on one of their counters.  It inspired me to search out 10 cool planter designs (made in/sourced from Canada) I would want in my home via my favourite online marketplace: Etsy.  I have seen a few of the designs in local stores or at designer markets always wishing I had more room at home to collect them.  Right now I have to be VERY selective as to what comes into my home as we will be down sizing in September and have to really pare down our stuff to the bare essentials.  I like the idea of potting succulents because in my experience – they are almost impossible to kill!  I hope you enjoy this round up, happy potting!

Concrete Barn TO – Medium Square Concrete Planter – Toronto, ON

concrete barn

I love all things concrete and I am especially loving the monochromatic blue tones on these little guys!  So simple, yet so striking.  Also, they are posted at a great price point.  I would put these outside on my patio tables and gladly house them indoors as well.

Golem Designs – O Planter – Vancouver, BC

airplant circle

The organic texture is very appealing, also I love the idea of stacking displays.  I can imagine these hung in multiples to make a larger installation.

Rong Designs – Geometric Wood Succulent Holder – Toronto, ON


I remembered this designer from a market I participated in at 401 Richmond in Toronto a few years back.  I really appreciate wood items and love the clean lines of this piece.  This piece would probably double as a tea light holder (just incase you kill the succulent by accident…)

Bliss Craft And Brazen – Hanging Planter In Ceramic – Sainte-Marguerite–Estérel, Quebec

blissI really like ceramic planters and especially love hanging planters.  The beautiful leather harness adds to the overall appeal of texture in this piece.  It seems like the perfect material to cradle the soft ceramic bowl.

Beard Bangs – Three Legged Fox Planter – Montreal, QC

catI don’t even know what to say about this one – I just LOVE it.  (also, how beautiful is that succulent, AM I RIGHT?!)

Keri Rounding – Felt Plant Cozy – Brampton, ON

feltedFelted vessels are one of my favourite things.  I fist came across one at the OOAK show.  Having done felting myself, I know it is a lot of work.  I just love the natural textures in this piece – way better than your average plastic planter.  This also makes it really easy to swap in another plant (should yours mysteriously die…)

Plants In Mind – Modern Succulent Zen Planter – Vancouver, BC

interestingLooks simple because it is simple.  Sometimes less is more.  This is a beautiful minimal statement piece.

Hinkleville – Handled Plant Pot – Toronto, ON


This little guy is super cool!  I love how the succulents make his hair-do.

Balsam Root Glass – Plant Holder Set – Duncan, BC

chalkCustomization is key.  These little guys let you leave a little note for your housemates to brighten their day.  Cute.

Glimpse Glass – Diamond Terrarium – Calgary, AB

diamondI really like these terrariums.  They would look cool on top of a giant coffee table book.  I found different coloured moss at my local floral store that you could change up depending on your decor scheme. Even empty I would like to display these.

My # 2 Fear


After putting in our new door, I realized that it is really easy to see into our kitchen from outside at night.  I, on the other hand, can see nothing outside- which led me to think about whether or not I was okay with this.  I played with the idea in my head of putting a fabric curtain over the window – but then I had to ask myself why I cared – firstly our neighbourhood is not the most safe and Lee has frightened my to death about making our home secure – so that was my first thought.  Secondly, I felt weird thinking about people looking in, watching my mundane existence in my kitchen.  But then I thought about my  love of glass houses and how I would love to build/live in one some day.

For some reason the thought of having a completely clear house out in the woods doesn’t scare me  in the slightest.  Never mind that it would be totally secluded from civilization where random creepy bush people could stalk you and watch your every move, just as I am assuming they are doing in our current hood… But what overrides that thought is being one with nature and having the BEST 360 degree view all the time.  Why do I not think crime / creeps are in the country?

Maybe I am being over sensitive right now in our current house? When we lived high in the sky I had no issues having glass walls.  Perhaps I need to embrace the glass house lifestyle?  Maybe no one really cares about me and what I am doing and I am over thinking the entire thing.  Anyway, while I sit and think on this subject some more, enjoy a compilation of some beautiful glass houses I came across.  What are your thoughts?

beach house


intersting shape


looking in

night time

outside growing in


window art

garage doors



(my favourite)