Top 10 Ways To Look Into The Future

I missed out on doing a New Years Blog wrap up like everyone else in the world – so I thought I would look into the future and find the coolest calendars that are Made in Canada.  Let’s be honest, you have probably been to the local bookstore, seen all the generic puppy calendars at  50% off – why not treat yourself this year and support someone in your community? Start this year off on a good foot – buy “local”, buy “handmade”. Here are 10 of my favourites!

1. 2014 Mountain Calendar (Blue Mist) – Made by Pamlostracco – Made in Toronto

I love the graduated colour and the fact that this looks more like art than a calendar.

1 mountain 1 mountain close up

2. 2014 Desk or Wall Calendar (mini animals) -Made by MadeWithClayAndLove – Made in Terrenceville, Newfoundland

I really liked the concept of this little calendar – the person creates little clay figures, then photographs them and turns them into calendar pages.  How cute!

2 clay 

3. 2014 Parks and Rec Calendar – Made by paperchat – Made in Toronto

I have never seen the show in reference, although many of my friends love it – this little calendar made me laugh out loud. It is perfect when you need a little pick me up!

3 parks and rec

4. Wanderlust 2014 Calendar – Made by EyePoertyPhotography – Made in Montreal

I love dreaming about my next adventure – this calendar give the perfect inspiration.  It would also serve double duty as beautifully framed photographs after the year is over.

3 wanderlust

5. Colourful Letterpress Desktop Calendar – Made by LetterpressShoppe – Made in Toronto

A perfect size for you desk – this little calendar is just stunning!  Every month is a new colour.

4 letterpress

6. 2014 Calendar – Printed on Watercolour Paper – Made by BarbaraOchman – Made in Ottawa

Talk about talent – these are all hand illustrated pictures turned into one beautiful calendar – I would definitely frame these when the months are over.

5 hand drawn

7. Perpetual Mechanical Calendar and Pen Set – Made by SandrasCornerStore – Made in Sudbury

This was probably not made in Canada, however this shop is a cute little Canadian vintage store.  I love shopping vintage and would love a little bling calendar like this on my desk.
6 vintage

8. StarWars Calendar – Made by BluesNotes – Made in Ottawa

Have a movie buff in your life?  I ordered the Back to the Future version for Lee this year.  I think these are genius and what a great up cycling project!  7 starwars

9. 2014 Hand printed Calendar – Made by FlakesPaperie – Made in Ontario

I really love the work by this studio – I discovered Flakes Paperie at the one of a kind show several years ago – and relate to all of her work.

8 flakes

10. 2014 Calendar – Made by Bookhu – Made in Toronto

This is made by a popular textile studio up the street from where I work.  I like the traditional botanicals.


Old Soul Rituals

I have worked odd hours, weekends and holidays my entire life past the age of 14 and I always told myself that when I get a “normal” job (Mon-Fri, 9-5) I will take Sundays for myself and do something that I was never able to do when I was working.  I love the St.Lawrence Antique Market here in Toronto and have been going ever since I got my “normal” job in February.

As an avid “picker” myself, I  know that some objects are marked way up because they know some poor yuppy will buy – I on the other hand end up buying, rarely, if at all.  I go for inspiration and to just explore the objects from the past.  I love asking where the items come from and digging deeper when I get home to source out more info.   Have fun exploring some of the cool stuff I found and I hope you are inspired to check out a market near you! Enjoy!


I get up fairly early and just go by myself, although company is welcomed.  The city streets are usually empty Sunday mornings which make for a serene ride.  The usual faces are always there and sometimes if I hold out – the items I fawned over the previous week are still sitting on the tables begging for an offer to take them home.

This week I made off with beautiful vintage textiles for my pillow project and over 1300 metal monopoly pieces which will be used for an upcoming project that is under wraps.

What Monopoly piece were you as a kid?



Am I the only one? Bueller…

Growing up in the “middle of nowhere” made me really appreciate going into “town” to go shopping.  I pretty much romanticized it in my head about how great city living was (because of the opportunity to shop) and I solidified in my mind from a very early age that I would live in as many major cities around the world as I could.  So far I have made it to Toronto.  That’s it.  And the longer I am here, the more I realize my dream of city life shopping isn’t exactly all it’s crack up to be.

First of all – I feel like living in the  middle of nowhere allowed me to realize the value of saving my money for that one special item I saw the week prior when I was in town.  Now that I live in the city and have everything at my finger tips I spend my money much faster.  Secondly I live in the city which means: expensive and I generally have no $ for fun things.  All this being said the recent ban on plastic bags here in Toronto reminded me of a bazaar fetish I had growing up: collecting pretty (or what I thought were special) plastic bags from the purchases I made “in town”.  I would covet these bags and fold them up and hoard them under my bed and take them out to admire every now and again… weird, right?  haha! well I eventually grew out of my hoarding weird objects phase (I think?) and disposed of them. I thought it would be fun to see what kind of cool bags are out there now. Enjoy!

I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!!! Check out the next picture! This person just had more vision to make their odd collection into a master piece- oh, how I wish I saved my bags!  What is/was your weird childhood collection/obsession?