My # 2 Fear


After putting in our new door, I realized that it is really easy to see into our kitchen from outside at night.  I, on the other hand, can see nothing outside- which led me to think about whether or not I was okay with this.  I played with the idea in my head of putting a fabric curtain over the window – but then I had to ask myself why I cared – firstly our neighbourhood is not the most safe and Lee has frightened my to death about making our home secure – so that was my first thought.  Secondly, I felt weird thinking about people looking in, watching my mundane existence in my kitchen.  But then I thought about my  love of glass houses and how I would love to build/live in one some day.

For some reason the thought of having a completely clear house out in the woods doesn’t scare me  in the slightest.  Never mind that it would be totally secluded from civilization where random creepy bush people could stalk you and watch your every move, just as I am assuming they are doing in our current hood… But what overrides that thought is being one with nature and having the BEST 360 degree view all the time.  Why do I not think crime / creeps are in the country?

Maybe I am being over sensitive right now in our current house? When we lived high in the sky I had no issues having glass walls.  Perhaps I need to embrace the glass house lifestyle?  Maybe no one really cares about me and what I am doing and I am over thinking the entire thing.  Anyway, while I sit and think on this subject some more, enjoy a compilation of some beautiful glass houses I came across.  What are your thoughts?

beach house


intersting shape


looking in

night time

outside growing in


window art

garage doors



(my favourite)