14 Inspirational Business Card Ideas

card holder

I received an update newsletter from Blog Podium about the goings on for next weeks conference.  One of the items in the newsletter was a little reminder and challenge about our personal business cards.  There is going to be a prize for the winner with the most effective and appropriate business card to spend an afternoon with Chatelaine Home Editor Emma Reddington.  That would be fun!  So I have begun researching to get inspired to update my business card.

Here is my current card for mehker:

3cardI made these using veneer sheets. I painted the background white and mod podged beautiful hand made paper on the front.  I used my old typewriter on the back as well a really awesome stamp my mom gave me from when she was a kid.  This card screams hand made!!

I think for this challenge I am going to focus on mehker social (my freelance online marketing business) because I don’t have a card yet and it is already on my to-do list.  Plus I am going to this event to gain knowledge for my business. My challenge is to tell people I am an expert at amplifying their brand and I do this using social tools and networking online.  This should be interesting…  I will preview some sketch ideas later this weekend.

In the meantime, here are some cool cards I found while cruising the web:

bike tool cheese grater clothes pin cross stitch cute grass gift google grey with wax hair stylist instagram photo mail photographer russina dolls triangleWhich one do you like the best?  Have you seen any other inspiring business cards I should have a look at?