Pretty Potting – Top 10 Succulent Planters

potting pretty 2

I was in Cafe Odin the other day in Toronto, where I spotted a beautiful terrarium on one of their counters.  It inspired me to search out 10 cool planter designs (made in/sourced from Canada) I would want in my home via my favourite online marketplace: Etsy.  I have seen a few of the designs in local stores or at designer markets always wishing I had more room at home to collect them.  Right now I have to be VERY selective as to what comes into my home as we will be down sizing in September and have to really pare down our stuff to the bare essentials.  I like the idea of potting succulents because in my experience – they are almost impossible to kill!  I hope you enjoy this round up, happy potting!

Concrete Barn TO – Medium Square Concrete Planter – Toronto, ON

concrete barn

I love all things concrete and I am especially loving the monochromatic blue tones on these little guys!  So simple, yet so striking.  Also, they are posted at a great price point.  I would put these outside on my patio tables and gladly house them indoors as well.

Golem Designs – O Planter – Vancouver, BC

airplant circle

The organic texture is very appealing, also I love the idea of stacking displays.  I can imagine these hung in multiples to make a larger installation.

Rong Designs – Geometric Wood Succulent Holder – Toronto, ON


I remembered this designer from a market I participated in at 401 Richmond in Toronto a few years back.  I really appreciate wood items and love the clean lines of this piece.  This piece would probably double as a tea light holder (just incase you kill the succulent by accident…)

Bliss Craft And Brazen – Hanging Planter In Ceramic – Sainte-Marguerite–Estérel, Quebec

blissI really like ceramic planters and especially love hanging planters.  The beautiful leather harness adds to the overall appeal of texture in this piece.  It seems like the perfect material to cradle the soft ceramic bowl.

Beard Bangs – Three Legged Fox Planter – Montreal, QC

catI don’t even know what to say about this one – I just LOVE it.  (also, how beautiful is that succulent, AM I RIGHT?!)

Keri Rounding – Felt Plant Cozy – Brampton, ON

feltedFelted vessels are one of my favourite things.  I fist came across one at the OOAK show.  Having done felting myself, I know it is a lot of work.  I just love the natural textures in this piece – way better than your average plastic planter.  This also makes it really easy to swap in another plant (should yours mysteriously die…)

Plants In Mind – Modern Succulent Zen Planter – Vancouver, BC

interestingLooks simple because it is simple.  Sometimes less is more.  This is a beautiful minimal statement piece.

Hinkleville – Handled Plant Pot – Toronto, ON


This little guy is super cool!  I love how the succulents make his hair-do.

Balsam Root Glass – Plant Holder Set – Duncan, BC

chalkCustomization is key.  These little guys let you leave a little note for your housemates to brighten their day.  Cute.

Glimpse Glass – Diamond Terrarium – Calgary, AB

diamondI really like these terrariums.  They would look cool on top of a giant coffee table book.  I found different coloured moss at my local floral store that you could change up depending on your decor scheme. Even empty I would like to display these.

Soup’s On!

So… it is cold out.  The weather is all over the place – hot, hot, hot like summer last week – then blistery cold winter temperatures this week.  Where did fall go?  I am all too happy to snuggle up on the sofa, throw a blanket over me and marathon my latest obsession on Netflix.  Add a cup of soup in there for good measure and I have my ideal evening.  Lee and I have been discussing getting some new soup bowls – thought I’d check out Etsy (as usual).  Below are 10 cool soup related things (made in / sourced from Canada) I came across… dreaming of cheddar biscuits and creamy soups all day long 😉 Stay warm friends!

Ben and Lily – Scandinavian Design Soup Bowls- Toronto, ON

The warm brown accented with the pop of turquoise is right up my ally!  Think of all the yummy french onion soups you can prepare over the winter with these bad boys!
ben and lily mid century toronto

KalikaBowlbyPottery – Peach & White Bowls – Nelson, BC

Simply elegant and modern.  I can see these hosting a variety of broth based soups from kale and legume to a classic minestrone.

kalikabowl nelson bc

Whistle and Work – shy soup bowl – Toronto, ON

Charming little bowl I would personally use while watching vintage black and white movies. It has a very audrey Hepburn feel.  I wonder what her favourite soup was?

whistleandwork shy toronto

HandmadesRovena – Nerd Get Well Soon Chicken Noodle Card – Toronto, ON

This makes me feel like I should have paid more attention in science class.  Regardless of my lack of molecular knowledge I think this card is pretty cute!

handmadesrovena toronto

DazzlingDezignz4U – Hand Stamped Soup Spoon – Windsor, ON

I want a spoon with the types of soup I eat stamped into it. For example: butternut squash.  I would eat chicken noodle soup with the butternut squash spoon. Just because I can.

dazzle windsor

Parceline – Lace Pattern Porcelain Bowl – Montreal, QC

Very pretty, granny chic bowls – perfect for a girls afternoon filled with stitching and most importantly bitching.


oharahale – Soup Cat Poster – Montreal, QC

One of my favourite posters I have come across as of late.  Cats… soup…Warhol inspired? YES on all fronts.  Meow.

soup cat

 Lots Of Wood – Hand Carved Spoons – Kawartha Lakes, ON

How beautiful are these?  This picture is particularly stunning.  I want to collect spoons now.

lotsofwood kawartha

AJmetissage – Small porcelain bowls – Montreal, QC

I like these for their subtle pop of colour.  This company makes a juicer that Is stunning – but I was looking for soup things – these fit the bill wonderfully.

ajmetissage montreal

PaperChat – Seinfield Typography Poster – Toronto, ON

A must have for every college dorm room (and young at heart kitchens) everywhere.

paperchat toronto

Puggin’ it

I wanted to buy one of my friends a pug related gift for his birthday.  I decided to scour and ended up finding a tonne of pug related products I would want myself!  Today I bring you: my top 10 favourite pug products from that are made in Canada.  Please enjoy!

1. Pug Cuts T-Shirt  – HWBP – Toronto, ON

I first saw these guys at a pug-alug at Pawsway in Toronto – I like the style of the graphics.  Also the name Higgins.

HWBP shirt

2. Pug Dog Reading A Book – Tascha – Toronto, ON

The colour, the texture, the PUG!  So freaking cute – wish the girls had strawberry blonde hair though!


3.Big Boned Greeting Card – The Second Breakfast – Vancouver, BC

I think this is how many fancy pug girls feel.  Heehee!

greeting card

4. Biking Pug Baby Onesie – QuarrelsomeYeti – Halifax, NS

Slightly scary, but super awesome!  I want this on a t-shirt!


5. Wall mounted “Pugalope” – pugandco – Winnipeg, MB

The weirdest pug item found to date.  I NEED THIS!

pugalope pugandco

 6. Felted wool pug – Yukis Wool Pets – Victoria, BC

*SWOOOOON* – I would love this on my desk!!

felted pug yukis

7. Pug Tote Bag – Mimo Cadeaux – MOntreal, QC

I would go shopping everyday with this bag!  What a smarty pants!

pug tote mimo

8. Pug Pins – Casscollins – Whitehorse, Yukon

There aere pug lovers in the YUKON!!  Whattt??  This makes me happy on so many levels!


9. Saturday Morning at Pemberley Flat – Janet Hill Studio – Stratford, ON

Every home needs a pug – allergic? How about on of these stunning prints?  I want the entire collection.  New obsession…

10. Hand sewn keychain ornament – ZillyGrilDesigns – Victoria, BC

I love the hand made charm to these little guys.  I want one for my keychain. Might have to get on for my friends too!


Top 10 Ways To Look Into The Future

I missed out on doing a New Years Blog wrap up like everyone else in the world – so I thought I would look into the future and find the coolest calendars that are Made in Canada.  Let’s be honest, you have probably been to the local bookstore, seen all the generic puppy calendars at  50% off – why not treat yourself this year and support someone in your community? Start this year off on a good foot – buy “local”, buy “handmade”. Here are 10 of my favourites!

1. 2014 Mountain Calendar (Blue Mist) – Made by Pamlostracco – Made in Toronto

I love the graduated colour and the fact that this looks more like art than a calendar.

1 mountain 1 mountain close up

2. 2014 Desk or Wall Calendar (mini animals) -Made by MadeWithClayAndLove – Made in Terrenceville, Newfoundland

I really liked the concept of this little calendar – the person creates little clay figures, then photographs them and turns them into calendar pages.  How cute!

2 clay 

3. 2014 Parks and Rec Calendar – Made by paperchat – Made in Toronto

I have never seen the show in reference, although many of my friends love it – this little calendar made me laugh out loud. It is perfect when you need a little pick me up!

3 parks and rec

4. Wanderlust 2014 Calendar – Made by EyePoertyPhotography – Made in Montreal

I love dreaming about my next adventure – this calendar give the perfect inspiration.  It would also serve double duty as beautifully framed photographs after the year is over.

3 wanderlust

5. Colourful Letterpress Desktop Calendar – Made by LetterpressShoppe – Made in Toronto

A perfect size for you desk – this little calendar is just stunning!  Every month is a new colour.

4 letterpress

6. 2014 Calendar – Printed on Watercolour Paper – Made by BarbaraOchman – Made in Ottawa

Talk about talent – these are all hand illustrated pictures turned into one beautiful calendar – I would definitely frame these when the months are over.

5 hand drawn

7. Perpetual Mechanical Calendar and Pen Set – Made by SandrasCornerStore – Made in Sudbury

This was probably not made in Canada, however this shop is a cute little Canadian vintage store.  I love shopping vintage and would love a little bling calendar like this on my desk.
6 vintage

8. StarWars Calendar – Made by BluesNotes – Made in Ottawa

Have a movie buff in your life?  I ordered the Back to the Future version for Lee this year.  I think these are genius and what a great up cycling project!  7 starwars

9. 2014 Hand printed Calendar – Made by FlakesPaperie – Made in Ontario

I really love the work by this studio – I discovered Flakes Paperie at the one of a kind show several years ago – and relate to all of her work.

8 flakes

10. 2014 Calendar – Made by Bookhu – Made in Toronto

This is made by a popular textile studio up the street from where I work.  I like the traditional botanicals.


The Elephant In The Room – Top 10

This week – inspired by the latest interview with Hamilton shop White Elephant – I decided to do a round up of 10 elephant themed home decor items! (side note- when Lee and I moved to Hamilton, our lovely neighbour gave us an elephant statue to put in our garden – apparently when the trunk faces up = good luck! )



Made in Oakville, ON  –  Darosa

I love this drawer knob!  (well, I love anything bronze… )


Made in Toronto, ON  –  ChalkStyle

This would be fun in a kids room. I would hang multiples in a row.


Made in Toronto, On  –  Mummiquilts

I believe these are intended for nursery organization – I could see these in a laundry or powder room as well.


Made in Toronto, ON  –  ArtThatMoves

I really like the repetitive pattern on these tea towels.


Made in Montreal, QC  –  DogEarPrints

I am a big fan of things printed on vintage book pages – this is one crazy looking elephant!


Made in Montreal, QC  –  KatkalandCreatures

These are the weirdest looking elephants I’ve ever seen – but I like them…


Made in Pickering, ON  –  HannaandNik

Totally for a baby – but who can resist a bamboo pillow?

tea cozy

Made in London, ON  –  RichardAndSon

This would be great for a spice route tea night with your friends!


Made in Toronto, ON  –  CateandLevi

How awesome is this?  Everyone needs a stuffed elephant head in their home!  (seriously)


Made in Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC  –  illustreBuche

Somewhat creepy, somewhat charming – this would be a great conversation starter…

10 DJ Worthy Products


There are 2 things Lee Chung can’t live without: 1 – chips . 2 – making stuff. This week I chose to focus on Lees love of things handmade. I have rounded up the best DJ / Vinyl related Canadian made products on Etsy. Gather the young ones around the computer folks and give them a little history lesson!

mini table

Made in Hamilton   –   TheVinylKiller (aka Lee Chung)   –   This simple toy is used both as a beautiful display item, but also as a teaching tool.


you spin me

Made in Peterborough, ON, Canada   –   
Luck Jackson   –   Nostalgia at it’s finest in this cute print!



cuff links

Made in Victoria, BC, Canada   –   Asgard Designs   –   How fun are these cuff links?!


cake stand

Made in Victoria, BC, Canada   –   NANA ZOOLAND   –   I feel a DJ themed party coming on….


wall art

Made in Montreal, QC, Canada   –   Street Wallz   –   The size of this wall piece is impressive – perfect for a studio!



Made in Toronto, ON, Canada   –   Papermuse Designs   –   Take note of this one!




Made in Montreal, QC, Canada   –   Maelle’s Insanities   –   I love these screened vinyl bracelets!




Made in Ajax, Ontario, Canada   –   Eternal Art   –   Let’s be honest – everyone needs a 45 adapter shower curtain 😉





Made in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada   –   CMB Printworks   –   A series of these on a wall would look amazeballs!


slip mat

Made in Chelsea, QC, Canada   –   DJ Hokum   –   Any audiophile would covet a pair of these bad boys!