What’s Behind Door #270?

I wanted to share some photos I took of a chamber of commerce event hosted at 270 Sherman here in Hamilton, Ont.  270 Sherman is an old textile mill that was purchased by Torontonians and is being divided up into working studios and office space for the creative talent that is booming in this city.  We were given a great tour of different spaces and their occupants gave us some detail on what it is like being in the building.  Bursting at the seams with charm, I hope to one day be a resident in the not so distant future…

1 stairs

The stairs have original metal stamped details.

2 hallway

This is a hallway where a few video production companies work out of.

5 green screen

Here is a green screen used for filming large scale productions for movies and television shows.

3 new window

Gorgeous windows that are being installed throughout the complex. Originally the windows were small because the employers did not want the employees to be distracted by the outside world when working.

4 locker room

Original locker room from the days when employees filled the mill.

8 nice doors

Original big wooden loading doors all over the place.

7 morgue set

Same set as the police station – super creepy – but so interesting!

6 set police station

This is a set for a television show. The recreated this room to look like an FBI police station.

21 elevator

Original loading elevators on all sides of the building. I rode one up with a few people to a really neat artist space.

11 boiler house

This is the original boiler house for the mill. Now home to a circus school.

10 smoke stack boiler room

Our tour took us out into the courtyard where we headed to the boiler house.

12 circus

We were treated to a live performance by this trapeze artist who wrapped her body around a hula hoop in the air. Impressive? Yes. Would I ever do it? No. COULD I do it? Probably not.

This was a GIANT prop storage house. The props are used on television and movie sets and are for sale. Weird world of stuff...

This was a GIANT prop storage house. The props are used on television and movie sets and are for sale. Weird world of stuff…

13 pickle

Well I found it. Sprayed on my way up to see more studios.

9 cabinet shop

There is a cabinet shop that works out of the building – has been in business for over 50 years – apparently 45 of them have been in 270 Sherman. I love big saws!!

14 artist studio

We were given a sneak peek into this insane workspace. It was an artist collective where they were making big installations for the city. Very interesting, very messy.

15 print making studio

A fabulous letter press workshop (and potential new friend Sara’s) space. Another London”er” who also went to BealART! She picked up the equipment from a person retiring form the business.

18 ballroom

The main mill. The pictures do not do it justice for the sheer grandness of the space. Would be perfect for a rave with 2000+ people.

19 ballroom 2


I was invited to the event by my friend Joy who owns Made for you by Madeline – a cute bakery here in the city. It was filled with members of the chamber of commerce- a great networking night (not to mention open bar, catered food and live entertainment!)

And The Most Memorable Halloween Movie Goes To…

Teen Witch!!

teen witchteen witch 2









My friends Whitney and Emma (a.k.a. cat and mouse) had the great idea to host a Halloween movie night at Whitney’s store Girl on the Wing.  A few friends gathered to watch Teen Witch (a must see for all) and enjoyed a delicious array of treats and drink.  The girls even had a little vintage inspired popcorn machine!  This is truly one of the reasons why I am loving that we moved to Hamilton. We have met so many great people and events like these make me feel like part of a community.  I feel like I am living in a small quaint town surrounded by great creative minds.










The girls set the screen up with a projector and had chairs for everyone.  One of the highlights was when we had an “intermission” and the classic “let’s all go to the lobby” video played.  It was so charming!!  Here are a few flicks from the evening – I can’t wait to do it again!

6 5



812 9 10





How To Spend Your Last Days Of Summer


(this kid had awesome style – rocking a pair of donut socks)

Back to school ads are flogging my mailbox – these kids are soaking up what time they have left before they get back to the grind.  ( by the looks of things, these kids grind all year long!)

Our local parkette has a little skate park that is used quite heavily.  There was a skateboard trick competition later in the afternoon and it was really nice to see all the kids parents coming out to support their kids.  It looked like there was some muraling happening as well (my brother would be proud)

I would love to see more girls getting into it -(there were no females other than moms present)

I think there were about 60 skaters in attendance to and probably 30 to compete.  Here are some pics of the neighbourhood kids practicing their skills before the competition.

6(1 of 2 bigger ramps)

3(do udj? )

4(there were lots of tricks and lots of spills – I love watching the kids learn)


(just before the competition, some sponsors showed up handing out grip tape and other cools stuff – like bees to honey, gotta love free stuff!)

Creepy Crawlers


(hoards of people checking out the art crawl – so popular, the streets were packed!)

Tonight Lee and I experienced our first Hamilton Art Crawl.  We only live a short walk away – so it was about time we joined in on the local events!  I expected to be around a lot of the typical Hamiltonians (aka creepy crawlers) I see every day, but was pleasantly surprised to find a thriving grass roots artist/musician community.  We wandered up and down James street – took in all the sites – loads of clothing vendors, some food of course some awesome art and live music.

My highlight of the evening was the roof top music at Dr.Disc – my current local fav – Jessy Lanza as well The New Hands Band.  There was a senior citizen dancing that could school any dancer on the floor – truly amazing and a reason to upgrade my camera so I can take video.  At the end of the concert there was a mob of girls (including me) dancing with him.  Epic.  I can’t wait for the next crawl!


(buskers, babies, dogs, clothing vendors, performance artists, vintage dealers – a smorgasbord of things happening!)


(really simple, yet effective displays by artists)


(knickknacks galore!)


(I saw someone walking around with the Big Lebowski later on in the evening…YES)


(a great seniors quartet – they drew quite a crowd!)


(a market inside the art crawl event – local artisans – mainly photos and jewelry)


(Matt Jelly was capitalizing on Hamilton Nostalgia)


(vintage vinyl and books – loads of jems in there!)


(you couldn’t have got a more perfect forecast for this months crawl)


(my absolute favourite summer happening – raise the roof at Dr.Disc – so cool!)

We had a bite at the local food trucks – also recommended and ended our evening at This ain’t Hollywood – retro rave our friend Noa DJ Everblue was playing.  What a night!  If you can make it the art crawl happens the second Friday of EVERY month.  I highly recommend it. and can’t remember the last time I had that much fun!

(a little retro rave action – this was an old school raver with his glow sticks – notice the hula hoops – and there were rings pops and fun fur pants! WHAAA?!  )

We have landed.

baltimore house

We decided (or I decided and told Lee to join me) for a walk to the downtown of the Hammer. It really isn’t too far from where we live now, maybe a 10 minute walk. We stumbled upon a bar that had a man dressed in overalls sporting a well groomed epic mustache getting onto a fixed gear bike – we thought we should check this place out. We had a look around and Lee deemed the place “creepy” due to it’s goth church styling and the music set the tone… I liked it. We both liked it. We met the bar tender Sarah and found out we picked a pretty “hip” hood to live in. Sarah was telling us she is buying a house around the corner. We also met the owner Jimmy, who was extremely friendly and we chatted about our past adventures to Costa Rica. We were introduced to a friend “jaime” who turns out to be living in Lee’s favourite house in all of Hamilton (which we wanted to buy when it was for sale, but the agent would never return our phone calls and it sold a month after we went to check it out). I am dying to see the inside. I am happy to report we have found civilization here (and a new local watering hole). More to come as tomorrow we are attending the local Art Crawl and apparently there are some pretty wicked after parties. Stay tuned!

It’s Hammer Time

Today we took a jont over to a neighbouring city called Hamilton aka “The Hammer”.  We are looking for an affordable living space that will allow us to use our power tools.  We have been searching here in Toronto, but have not found anything worth while as most of the places are CRAZY expensive for minimal space.  We currently live in a 700 sq ft condo right next to the CN tower and although it is beautiful and easy – it is not suited for our lifestyle.

We decided that since we are trying to fins a place outside the city – we should probably spend a little bit of time in the places to get to know them better.  I research day and night property listings on mls.ca which led me to the latest project you will see pictures of below : The Stinson School Lofts.  I am a sucker for heritage renovations (specifically schools).  I have been in constant contact with the developer of this project and we finally got a chance to see some units today.  Although it is out of this world stunning – we both agree it is not the best suit for what we are looking for due to spacial limitations.  It is not the size that is holing us back as some of the larger units are 1500 sq ft +, it is the access to the outside, the use of power tools and the price that has brought us back to reality.  One can dream…. and dream I will do.


photo 1The windows are not installed yet because they are being customer made and shipped from London, England. They will be sandblasting the exterior in early March. There are actually 2 schools attached with a newly build attachment in between.

photo 2The front entrance is just stunning – we did not take many pictures as we were trying to listen to the developer telling us about the place and the fact that I could have taken photos all day long…

photo 3This is me in my beautiful hard hat – it was kind of sun to take a tour through a construction site!  We had to wear steel toed boots and all!  Good thing I was wearing the hat – I ran into some pipes coming from the ceiling I didn’t see!! doh!

20130202_144508This unit was by far my favourite.  It is a 2 floor 2 bedroom space approx 1300 sq ft.  It has an original chimney running though both floors to be used as a closet space.  They are putting beautiful horizontal opening windows across the kitchen area.  It is going to be just beautiful when finished.

20130202_144459This is the chimney they have to drill through.  This is the only penthouse unit left and the only unit  with this feature.  I would want this unit  if we decided to move it.  (although I would take any unit in the building)

20130202_144441The ceiling heights are crazy HIGH!!! the highest units ceilings are 23 ft!

I suggest if you live in the area and have time – there is a doors open Hamilton May 4th and 5th, 2013.  Go check this place out as it is one of the coolest large scale renovations happening around.  I will bring you more about our Hammer search as it unfolds.  We found the cutest little “up and coming” neighbourhood, as well some hidden gems in perhaps not the most desirable areas of town.  I am excited and inspired after our trip today.