3 Pieces Of Advice From Sarah Richardson


(photos courtesy of Annawithlove Photography)

Last weekend I attended the Canadian Blogging summit: Blog Podium.  I went with the expectation that I would network with amazing people interested in things similar to me, get advice on how to improve my blog and learn how I can improve my digital marketing business.  I was not disappointed.  Highlights included a key note speech by the one and only Sarah Richardson, an excellent panel discussion including the editors of a few Canadian powerhouse magazines and a very insightful seminar from  Karen Bertelsen from the blog: The Art of Doing Stuff.


(photos courtesy of Annawithlove Photography)

The attendees were all given these charming note books to write down important things they were learning in the seminars.   I felt as though I had written a novel, but when I went back to read my notes it turned out that all I wrote was “have a unique style, or at least a point of view”, “whimsy gets a bad wrap” and in bold I scribed “promote the artisan”- all quotes from Sarah Richardson.   Apparently that is the only information I thought I could not retain.

So now what?

Well… I have decided to hone in and blog specifically about things people are making locally (within Canada) by hand.  (Cookie says not to worry because she will still make appearances on here occasionally blogging about her favourite products/brands/stores).  I am excited to streamline the content of my blog and comb the nation for inspiring stories of talented people practicing their skills to make a living, something to which I aspire; entrepreneurship.   Let me know if there is anyone I need to know about or products you love and think other people should know about too.

Hope you like the new angle!

Peace, love and have fun mehking stuff, eh!



3 thoughts on “3 Pieces Of Advice From Sarah Richardson

  1. Hi Amanda !

    Yessssss, it took me this long to write a note to you on your bloggy. Your card has been sitting on my desk staring at me since the event. PS. I love the look of your business card, so that was an easy thing to do. hahaha.

    Just reaching out to say a big helllloooo from my bloggy to yours.

    Much love,
    Lynne from Design The Life You Want to Live xx

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