How To Make Your Garden Rock

mehker blog haprers6

Step 1: Consult Dad

My favourite room in our new home is our outdoor little patio.  To create my perfect hidden oasis I enlisted the help of my dad (who happens to be a landscape architect) to help decide what to plant where.  My requirements were simple – I needed it to look semi modern and it had to be low maintenance (as my green thumb is currently black).


mehker blog haprers1

Step 2: Find A Rock Centre

After my consultation with my dad, we headed over to Hapers Garden Centre (because Google told me it was the closest place to get pea gravel).  We were greeted by massive chunks of limestone and lava rock that flanked the garden centre.  These rocks were HUGE.  They are also expensive.  It is hard to believe the quarry these monsters from up North only so they can live on peoples lawns.

Anyways, were were here to look for small gravel, because I decided that was what I wanted to flank the deck we built earlier this summer.

mehker blog haprers11

Talk about choices!  Do you want small, medium or large pea gravel? Black, grey, red or white?  Smooth or rough?  Geeze, was I ever overwhelmed! I decided to get small pea gravel to put in front of our bbq area and to line the exterior of our deck with medium sized gravel.  I like the natural grey with random red stones in it.  I bought 5 bags total, I think for $4.99/bag.

Speaking of being overwhelmed, I just about lost it when I had to pick a slab of rock from this pile to sit under our bbq.

mehker blog haprers8

Step 3: Make A Decision

Thank goodness my dad was with me and picked out the perfect stone in about 5 seconds!

mehker blog haprers9

We needed a long skinny piece to hold up the front two wheels of the bbq.  The back wheels are already resting on a piece of poured pavement that was there when we moved in.mehker blog haprers10

When you are ready to pay for your stone, they throw it on a buggy and weigh it on this contraption.  They write your order down and you pay the cashier inside.

mehker blog haprers17

Step 4: Play “Find The Insect”

Next up was looking for the ornamental grasses my dad suggested due to their heartiness, low maintenance and style.  I found this little Buddha, I thought he was pretty cute!

mehker blog haprers14

mehker blog haprers13

mehker blog haprers15

I ended up choosing 3 different types of grasses.  They were all $19.99 per pot, I think I bought 8 pots.  The staff was very friendly at Harpers, one lady took me on a wild goose chase (like I was 5 years old) in search of a humming moth (a cross between a humming bird and a moth).  We never found it, but it was pretty fun looking!

mehker blog haprers7

Step 6: Bring  A Pick Up Truck

We loaded up my dads truck and headed for home.  $250 later…

We ended up getting free mulch from Lees mom (an avid gardener) and I am putting it around all of the grasses.  I can’t wait to show you before and after pics of what we are doing.  I will post them on here later this week.   Our backyard is really taking shape. Too bad it is getting so cold out, I think there was frost last night.  Oh well, I am hoping to have it sorted out for next summer so we can just open the back door and enjoy!


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