#1 Reason To Halt Blogging

I have been away from the blog for the last week or so – and here’s why:

She came to party and stayed the morning after.

Meet Munster.  Munny for short.

A week ago we noticed our security light at the back of our house kept going off around 10 pm.  We  waited to see what was tripping the light and saw a little grey and white kitty exploring our back yard.  The cat came around like clock work every night.  Then we noticed it started to stay under our porch over night.  I had been bugging Lee about the possibility of getting a cat (I wanted a Siamese – that’s what I grew up with), but Lee showed very little interest.  All of a sudden after Lee was watching this little kitten, he started to worry about it because the temperatures we dropping and it was getting colder at night.  I warned him – once you get attached there is no coming back!  He didn’t seem to mind and we started feeding the little guy.  (He was super skinny, you could see his ribs protruding)  Well, a week later and we are now the proud pet parents to this little fur ball!

Munny in the tub

Munny is a grey and white kitty with green eyes and a little black mark on her nose.  She looks like a mouse.  Munny loves water (which was our plan of attack to keep her off the counters, looks like we need to re-strategize).

under the bedI was trying to get a nice photo of her today, but she is a little camera shy.  I followed her under the bed…

cookie meets munnyThis is Cookie asking if we are seriously keeping the kitten?  The first night was really cute – Cookie and Munny snuggled.  The following couple of days, something must have happened.  Cookie is extremely shy around the kitten. She is probably not impressed that after 8 years she now has to share the love.  So far so good between the two of them – Munny is really sweet and gives Cookie love nudges when she walks by.

cookie faceCookie is unimpressed.  She has been around cats before… unsure about them still.

loveCookie walks by the cat with her head down as if she is afraid.  I think she has been scared by little flying siamese ninjas at my moms house.

We are talking Munny to the vet to get her examined and get her shots etc..  We are going to get her micro chipped and spayed.  I am so happy to have her – she is such a sweat heart.  I look forward to when she will let me take nice photos of her!  Have you seen those whiskas commercials where the cats break through the wall when you shake the bag?  Munny could be the poster kitty!  She comes flying form anywhere when she hears that bag!


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