How To Make A Girl Smile

What can you get for 5 cents?

IMG_5404(apparently not even nothing – real picture I took a the Hamilton market haha!)

Well let me let you in on a little secret… you can buy a magical afternoon for just 5 cents.  Yup.. no more, no less (well the cost of gas money, possibly an ice cream cone….)  We made an adventure out of finding this carousal I found online.  We drove all the way to Port Dalhousie in St. Catherines to check it out.  We may have gotten slightly lost due to my superb navigational skills, but we did eventually find it.  (side note – visit Port Dalhousie, it is charming – they hold the annual Henley Rowing Regatta there – I used to participate for years, totally worth a day trip)

21(here is proof – so for 10 cents I splurged on Lee and bought him a ticket to ride)

20(I was slightly disappointed that it wasn’t outside completely, but hey, it was built in 1903 and who am I to complain for a 5 cent ride?)

24(this was my pony, I saddled up and named her nostalgia)

23(some other options were giraffes, camels and lions – but I stuck with nostalgia the pony)

25(the detailing was impeccable – so charming – they have some photos of the elderly man who restored the carousel in 1985 hanging on the walls. The music was fun and traditional)

22(hand painted fierce pictures on the top)

Overall I would suggest that you should go check this out. I mean common…5 cents!!!  There is also a great marina to walk around and a beach which you may or may not be able to swim in depending on the water e.coli levels.  This was the best 10 cents I have spent in years.


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