How to have fun for under $5

sunday driveWho likes to go for Sunday drives?  I do!  During this weeks adventure we went down a country road and came across a little jem of an antique pop up market.  It was full of senior citizens wearing crazy duds and really big men sitting on really little lawn chairs sporting handlebar mustaches.  It was as if we were in a dream!

7(record number of motorcycles at the market.. we counted 20!)

I will not write too much as the pictures really do all the talking.  I think I spent $2.50 – 50 cents on an old key and $2 on a huge safety pin looking thing that was apparently used in coat checks.  I scored number 100.  YEEE HA!


(even if we didn’t stop for the market, who could resist a restaurant named BUTTERBALLS?)

9(one of the many lanes of vendors – mainly crappy flea market stuff like sunglasses and body lotions, but there were several gems hidden in the bunch)

10(I never want one, but I am always drawn to city sign and lights – like a moth to a flame)

11(I could buy 100 lanterns and still never have enough – there were a few authentic war ones in the collection here)

12(for all my Toronto friends)

13(I lost Lee for about an hour- later to find him talking to our new friend Sandy – who happened top be giving Lee an impromptu Italian lesson)


18(I bought one of these, guess which one…)


(this looks like somebody that I used to know…)

16(some snappy senior style)

15( I want this for my bedroom…. NOT)

14(I just thought these were cute.)


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