What My Pets Can’t Live Without


(This is Cookie.  She is 8.  She is awesome.  She pretends to be a cat sometimes.)

Our lovely friends Jan & Luke & Tyson (the pug) bought Cookie a really interesting house warming present. It is a cat water fountain.  They had to look really hard for one because they are not very common here in Canada, I think they ended up buying it from Walmart in Buffalo.  They knew she would like it because Tyson has one at his house and Cookie goes crazy for it.  Jan’s mom bought it for her cats, but they weren’t too into it – so Tyson got it and Cookie gets her furry little face in there as much as she can when visiting!


Cookie absolutely drinks WAY more water than she did from her previous boring still water dish.  This new an improved watering hole comes equipped with  a filter (to keep those pesky food bits away from the good stuff) as well a cooling mechanism to keep the water slightly below room temperature.  She loves it. I love it.  I am surprised, all my life I have had just a plain jane water dish.  Honestly I was a bit hesitant to use this, thinking it was “too much”.


My mom bought one for her cats and they love it too!  It seems like our pets really do care about still vs bubbly water 😉  I highly recommend this products fro catdogs like Cookie out there.


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