How To Spend Your Last Days Of Summer


(this kid had awesome style – rocking a pair of donut socks)

Back to school ads are flogging my mailbox – these kids are soaking up what time they have left before they get back to the grind.  ( by the looks of things, these kids grind all year long!)

Our local parkette has a little skate park that is used quite heavily.  There was a skateboard trick competition later in the afternoon and it was really nice to see all the kids parents coming out to support their kids.  It looked like there was some muraling happening as well (my brother would be proud)

I would love to see more girls getting into it -(there were no females other than moms present)

I think there were about 60 skaters in attendance to and probably 30 to compete.  Here are some pics of the neighbourhood kids practicing their skills before the competition.

6(1 of 2 bigger ramps)

3(do udj? )

4(there were lots of tricks and lots of spills – I love watching the kids learn)


(just before the competition, some sponsors showed up handing out grip tape and other cools stuff – like bees to honey, gotta love free stuff!)


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