We have landed.

baltimore house

We decided (or I decided and told Lee to join me) for a walk to the downtown of the Hammer. It really isn’t too far from where we live now, maybe a 10 minute walk. We stumbled upon a bar that had a man dressed in overalls sporting a well groomed epic mustache getting onto a fixed gear bike – we thought we should check this place out. We had a look around and Lee deemed the place “creepy” due to it’s goth church styling and the music set the tone… I liked it. We both liked it. We met the bar tender Sarah and found out we picked a pretty “hip” hood to live in. Sarah was telling us she is buying a house around the corner. We also met the owner Jimmy, who was extremely friendly and we chatted about our past adventures to Costa Rica. We were introduced to a friend “jaime” who turns out to be living in Lee’s favourite house in all of Hamilton (which we wanted to buy when it was for sale, but the agent would never return our phone calls and it sold a month after we went to check it out). I am dying to see the inside. I am happy to report we have found civilization here (and a new local watering hole). More to come as tomorrow we are attending the local Art Crawl and apparently there are some pretty wicked after parties. Stay tuned!


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