It’s Hammer Time

Today we took a jont over to a neighbouring city called Hamilton aka “The Hammer”.  We are looking for an affordable living space that will allow us to use our power tools.  We have been searching here in Toronto, but have not found anything worth while as most of the places are CRAZY expensive for minimal space.  We currently live in a 700 sq ft condo right next to the CN tower and although it is beautiful and easy – it is not suited for our lifestyle.

We decided that since we are trying to fins a place outside the city – we should probably spend a little bit of time in the places to get to know them better.  I research day and night property listings on which led me to the latest project you will see pictures of below : The Stinson School Lofts.  I am a sucker for heritage renovations (specifically schools).  I have been in constant contact with the developer of this project and we finally got a chance to see some units today.  Although it is out of this world stunning – we both agree it is not the best suit for what we are looking for due to spacial limitations.  It is not the size that is holing us back as some of the larger units are 1500 sq ft +, it is the access to the outside, the use of power tools and the price that has brought us back to reality.  One can dream…. and dream I will do.


photo 1The windows are not installed yet because they are being customer made and shipped from London, England. They will be sandblasting the exterior in early March. There are actually 2 schools attached with a newly build attachment in between.

photo 2The front entrance is just stunning – we did not take many pictures as we were trying to listen to the developer telling us about the place and the fact that I could have taken photos all day long…

photo 3This is me in my beautiful hard hat – it was kind of sun to take a tour through a construction site!  We had to wear steel toed boots and all!  Good thing I was wearing the hat – I ran into some pipes coming from the ceiling I didn’t see!! doh!

20130202_144508This unit was by far my favourite.  It is a 2 floor 2 bedroom space approx 1300 sq ft.  It has an original chimney running though both floors to be used as a closet space.  They are putting beautiful horizontal opening windows across the kitchen area.  It is going to be just beautiful when finished.

20130202_144459This is the chimney they have to drill through.  This is the only penthouse unit left and the only unit  with this feature.  I would want this unit  if we decided to move it.  (although I would take any unit in the building)

20130202_144441The ceiling heights are crazy HIGH!!! the highest units ceilings are 23 ft!

I suggest if you live in the area and have time – there is a doors open Hamilton May 4th and 5th, 2013.  Go check this place out as it is one of the coolest large scale renovations happening around.  I will bring you more about our Hammer search as it unfolds.  We found the cutest little “up and coming” neighbourhood, as well some hidden gems in perhaps not the most desirable areas of town.  I am excited and inspired after our trip today.




2 thoughts on “It’s Hammer Time

    • Hi Erin! I finally figured out where waterdown is! Haha! I hope you and your family are well and your crafting is continuing! I’ll keep you in the Hamilton search loop..and will probably ask you a million questions! Hope all is well 🙂

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