The Reminder of Tapestry

Many late nights are spent in my little studio – sketching, sewing, hooking, crocheting, weaving, exploring and I always have my pug Cookie on my feet keeping them warm… I am trying to create a nest of inspiration – a place of creative solace.

Music sets the tone for the type of work I am going to dive into taking me from reality and slipping my into a coma of awesomeness which ends abruptly (until I flip the record over).  Recently I have been adding to my collection of vinyl (a very slippery slope, or so I am told) and have added some key female albums such as ‘The Reminder’ by Feist which I probably play way too much (if that’s possible).

Today as I was going to tune into the ol’ faithful cbc radio 1, but to my surprise I  noticed a new album that mysteriously appeared beside my table!  A vinyl fairy sweetly left me Tapestry by Carole King.  I have it on right now and it makes me so happy and relaxed.  So many times my studio lacks a touch of ambiance that only music can bring – as soon I put the needle down my brain switches into progress mode.  I hope to share with you soon all of the creations I have been working on, but until then enjoy a little Carole:


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