Old Soul Rituals

I have worked odd hours, weekends and holidays my entire life past the age of 14 and I always told myself that when I get a “normal” job (Mon-Fri, 9-5) I will take Sundays for myself and do something that I was never able to do when I was working.  I love the St.Lawrence Antique Market here in Toronto and have been going ever since I got my “normal” job in February.

As an avid “picker” myself, I  know that some objects are marked way up because they know some poor yuppy will buy – I on the other hand end up buying, rarely, if at all.  I go for inspiration and to just explore the objects from the past.  I love asking where the items come from and digging deeper when I get home to source out more info.   Have fun exploring some of the cool stuff I found and I hope you are inspired to check out a market near you! Enjoy!


I get up fairly early and just go by myself, although company is welcomed.  The city streets are usually empty Sunday mornings which make for a serene ride.  The usual faces are always there and sometimes if I hold out – the items I fawned over the previous week are still sitting on the tables begging for an offer to take them home.

This week I made off with beautiful vintage textiles for my pillow project and over 1300 metal monopoly pieces which will be used for an upcoming project that is under wraps.

What Monopoly piece were you as a kid?




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