Life Through Lavender Tinted Glasses

Part of my life that I really enjoy is working for Heather Shaw at Pi’lo here in Toronto.  Her work is timeless, beautiful and calming – as is her studio environment.  I love going in to work, it is mediation from a stressful days and also inspiration for life and projects.  I really appreciate Heather and look up to her as an example of well being. This picture was taken last night as I was filling lavendar laundry sachets for an order.   There is nothing I would rather do more in the evening then go to the studio, open the door and listen to the birds while toiling away on one of many amazing projects.  I feel so lucky.  I have collected some pictures of lavendar/ lavender in hopes they will soothe your day. Enjoy!

(Heather and I chatting in the studio)
laundry sachets (what I am filling)
filled with lavendar, these sachets are meant for your dryer and will release fresh lavendar for up to 4 months.
6 x 6″

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